Why choose Thistle Hill Academy?

At Thistle Hill, we envision a vibrant learning community where every individual is recognised as a shining star. Our school values – support, togetherness, ambition, respect, success – serve as the guiding lights that illuminate our path toward academic excellence and personal growth. Together, we form a constellation of learners, each contributing their unique brilliance to the collective radiance of Thistle Hill.

At Thistle Hill we are all STARS!

We are STARS!

In our school and community, we believe that everyone possesses a unique brilliance. Thistle Hill is a place where every child is encouraged to shine brightly, showcasing their talents, passions, and potential. As we collectively illuminate the path to knowledge, growth, and success, we recognise that together, we are stars.

A fully inclusive environment

An engaging Curriculum that prepares children for the future

A modern approach to teaching and learning

Devices for every child

Purposeful integration of technology

A child-centred, collaborative environment

A close-knit community

A caring, supportive and responsive EYFS

Modern facilities

Our school grounds and buildings are large, modern and clean – fit for a 21st century education!

Wrap around care

A commitment to well-being

At Thistle Hill, we envision a community where well-being is the cornerstone of each child’s journey, and every individual feels valued, supported, and equipped to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Our commitment to well-being encompasses the cultivation of self-esteem, the nurturing of meaningful relationships, and the development of essential emotional regulation skills.

Our vision is for each child to shine brightly at Thistle Hill Academy with a sense of self-assuredness, a network of meaningful relationships, and a robust set of emotional regulation skills. We believe that a focus on well-being is the key to unlocking the full potential of every student, paving the way for bright and promising futures.

We use a number of ways to recognise if a child is struggling with their relationships or self esteem and use these to determine what support a child needs – based on their individual profile.

  • Boxall profiles
  • Wellbeing referrals from teachers or parent
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Regulation strategies 

Safe, Nurtured, and Protected

A smooth transition to Reception

Memorable residential trips

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Part of a transformative Multi Academy Trust

Thistle Hill Academy is a school in The Stour Academy Trust, a Multi Academy Trust of 8 Primary Schools across Kent.

The Stour Academy Trust has set out to transform schools to better prepare our young people for the 21st century.