Chinese New Year continued!

We’ve been continuing our learning about Chinese New Year this week. The children had a Chinese banquet on Tuesday, they tried lots of different foods and had a go at using chop sticks! Be sure to check out the video on below. The children were also inspired by traditional Chinese pottery and had a go at making and decorating their own clay plates and bowls. In maths this week, we have been using Numicon to explore number bonds to 10![0]=68.ARBU7XqigvS2Rsq0yRb-ywW8YT1vGHNkNGukskHss6JUQoAP5Jyljr1w8AA016CpwRw1_r38lfq582VoE05w5pfHcIwb6BBe8_2eEi6P37CjL4BUf9rx1PQAmPgxpw8QZkcD8-rMeKj6AzWgH1bk4gnbKHvCmnXis8xqjnQo84zlXAIn0Ot562cWzD4iPzL6G1LaicASx7HrwHa6SEn5dTFQM0BjxdNmXyvASqY50tv2Si81-8K9Z2vcw7jkhmahhxIKWyWm38np7HdhGKbP2kbUx4UNbmiisnY51IFjBS_F_CK-Rdl6CosqxrxRtBJh7et7ESXwBajduighIIwV9NcK7gH5wV7_PBtl69Z8Bfa_r0I0Kg&__tn__=-R

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