Thistle Hill Academy

Year 6 Dover Castle trip and wartime tunnels

Our exploration of the Tunnels;

These had a very different role during the Second World War, where Rear-Admiral Bertram Ramsay was brought out of retirement to set up the naval subcommand at Dover. The tunnels would become the hub of defence operations at Dover.

OPERATION DYNAMO Vice-Admiral Ramsay had begun preparations for an evacuation by sea. At 6.57pm on 26 May 1940, Ramsay received the signal to begin Operation Dynamo. His staff inside the cliff tunnels worked non-stop to organise the evacuation. The telephones were constantly ringing with calls to request more ships, for special trains to transport troops, for weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, fuel, rations, water and more trained staff.

 Coding was a part of our Computing learning as well as our topic:

The castle played an important role in WWII, in the planning of ‘Operation Dynamo’, the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 and also became a top secret HQ. we found out about the work carried out inside the Secret Wartime Tunnels at Dover Castle by breaking codes and completing a secret mission.

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