Thistle Hill Academy

Year 2 Tour of the Island

The children have been using their collaboration and teamwork skills to work together and create a natural piece of artwork! Say hello to the Thistle Hill mermaid!

The year 2 children have arrived at Minster beach and are creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork, using natural resources.  They were also able to locate the human  and physical features of the beach that help keep our coastline safe!

Year 2 are now looking at the harbour at Queenborough creek, where they are collecting data using their maths skills and sketching the creek and its features!

The children have had a chance to explore the Islands physical features at the beautiful Elmley.  They were able to see how the physical features occur naturally and what this does to the habitats of wildlife.

It has been a lovely opportunity to link our Topic and Science learning together! 

The final stop of our trip was to see a stunning human feature which is a beautiful part of Sheppey.  The children were able to discuss the importance of the building and why they thought it had been built.