Thistle Hill Academy

School Council

Our school council works hard to make changes and improvements to Thistle Hill and the way we do things. They listen carefully to their classmates and look around for anything that they feel could be done differently and make suggestions about what to do. They work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and the Headteacher to make Thistle Hill the best it can be!

Our school council is made up of representatives from our KS2 classes, 2 representatives for each class. The meetings are also attended by the elected Head Boy and Head Girl. At their meetings, they all have an opportunity to share their opinions and views, as well as those of their classmates, and help to make decisions.

2018/19 Council Panel;

Head Boy: Ethan
Head Girl: Mayah
Year 6: Liam and Olivia
Year 5: Max and Natalia
Year 4: Grace, Ollie, Star and Malachi
Year 3: Madison, Xander, Alex and Emma

Visit to Rotary Radio UK

Take a look at the photos and videos from our trip to visit a local radio station- Rotary Radio UK. Our Head Boy and Head Girl had an opportunity to script and record an advert to promote our summer fete.


Some of their recent projects;

 Some of their ideas for future projects;